Les mats ont 16 m de longueur dont 2 m dans les coques donc 14 m de haut à partir du pont . La construction est en 2 phases :  la partie inférieure afin de pouvoir dans le hangar placer la base des mats dans les coques et fabriquer leurs fixations à l’intérieur et sur le pont  la partie supérieure ensuite . For the building of the masts Bertrand used as on “PHA” light white Nordic wood (cheap spruce with a few knots) in sizes of 50x150x4800mm. The bottom of the mast is full from the foot until 450mm above the deck level. The foot has a square section of 130x130mm and at deck level the mast has an octagonal section of 300mm. The thickness of the wall is 100mm from 450mm until 1700mm above the deck and is 50mm after until the top of the mast with a round section of 100mm. In fact if I have reduced the thickness until the top I could save only 15kg with a lot of extra work, so I maintain the 50mm wall until the top. The mast is rounded about from 1.7m above the deck until the top As the top of the mast receives all the vertical components of the sheets it is important to don’t undersized the top section. To generate the hull section Bertrand put an octagonal piece all each meter which will avoid the mast to be ovalised when bending. To resume the datas : - total length from foot to top : 15.9m - length from foot to deck : 1.95m - length from deck to top : 13.95m - section at foot : square 130x130mm full - section at deck : octagonal 300mm full - section at top : round 100mm full - total weight of one mast : 275kg including 450g/m² glass cloth all over and more around the 2 firstmeter above the deck - the center of gravity of the mast is 5.7m from the foot or 3.75m above the deck To be able to adjust the mast with the deck shape and the keel floor in the hangar, the masts will be build in two steps : the first step is to built it from the foot until 1.70m above the deck level and during the second step stringers will be added to the bottom part of the mast to get its total length. All the work has been made with one person for the preparation (me) and two persons (with my wife) to glue the stringers.